Der neue CO2mmander ELITE

Der CO2mmander ELITE ist eine tragbare und sichere Kohlenstoffgasquelle. 

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Venöse vaskulare Erkrankungen

» Vascular Access Produkte

» Permaseal

Permaseal, das innovative transapikale Zugangs- und Verschlusssystem der Firma Micro Interventional Devices, Inc., ermöglicht den minimalinvasiven und sicheren Zugang und Verschluss des linken ventrikulären Apex für TA TAVI. Innerhalb der Sutureless Transapical Access and Closure Study (STASIS), in welcher 34 Patienten in 5 Kliniken eingeschlossen waren, wurde gezeigt, dass sowohl inoperable als auch Patienten älter als 75 Jahre, zuverlässig und vor allem sicher therapiert werden können. Permaseal passt sich der Bewegung des Herzens an, was in keiner Beeinträchtigung dieser resultiert. Vorteile, die das Permaseal Zugangs- und Verschlusssystems generiert, sind zum Einen eine verkürzte Operationszeit und zum Anderen ein geringerer Blutverlust. Die Bedienung des Permaseals ist intuitiv aber vor allem sicher. Die CE-Zulassung erfolgt voraussichtlich Ende Januar 2016.


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» Micro Access Sticks

Micro Stick Introducer Kit

  • Longer tip for a more gradual dilation of the vessel.
  • New, sleeker tip design features a zero-clearance transition between sheath and dilator, allowing a smoother insertion into the vessel.
  • Stiff version features a steel cannula inside the dilator, providing extra rigidity for accessing tough vessels.

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» Femorale Einführschleusen mit Draht

AngioGATE Einführbesteck mit Draht

AngioGATE HV applications:

  • It is used widely in Radiology and HV is the ‘workhorse’ of the range.
  • Cardiology for femoral arterial and venous access.
  • Around 6 million angiographic procedures require a HV Introducer (EU)

HV Range:

  • 4 – 9French catheter compatible diameters
  • 12 and 24cm sheath lengths
  • Packed sterile with 0.035”-0.038” stainless steel guidewire (J and straight ends).
  • 12cm HV has 50cm wire. 24cm has 80cm wire.
  • HV is also available bulk non-sterile for inclusion in procedure packs.
  • 12cm boxed in 10s
  • 24cm boxed in 5s

Features and Benefits: Haemostatic valved hub:

  • Multilayer silicone valve to prevent air entry and blood loss while in situ.
  • Superb valve performance, offering reliable haemostasis without impeding catheter manipulation.
  • Push-in, flex-out connection between sheath and dilator for simple assembly and separation.

Features and Benefits: Dilator tip and sheath body:

  • Precision made dilator and sheath introducer have excellent transitions- from wire to dilator and dilator to sheath, limiting trauma to surrounding tissues.
  • Sheath and dilator have a smooth, siliconised surface for an easier, less painful insertion and withdrawal.
  • Dilator tip has a gradual taper to separate tissue and penetrate scar tissue.
  • Sheath body has been designed to accommodate modern oversized guiding catheters and devices.
  • Many manufacturers oversize e.g. a ‘6’Fr guide can measure 6.5Fr

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» Microintroducer Kits

Microintroducer Kits

Kimal AngioGATE MicroIntroducer kits offer precision design and exacting quality.You can be confident that the AngioGATE MicroIntroducer will offer the exceptionalperformance required during micro-access procedures. Our comprehensive range features high quality materials to ensure that whatever the access challenges ahead,
you can be assured we have a solution.

AngioGATE MicroIntroducer kits feature:
1. High quality 0.018” spring coil tip guidewires utilising a range of materials such as:stainless steel, nitinol and platinum to provide excellent visibility, flexibilityand kink resistance

2. All guidewires have virtually seamless transition from mandrel to coil to minimisedrag and provide a smooth conduit for the dilator

3. Precision made dilator and sheath introducer assembly with excellent transitionpoints – from wire to dilator and dilator to sheath, limiting trauma to surrounding tissues

4. Sheath and dilator are constructed from a proprietary polymer resulting in an incredibly smooth surface for an easier insertion

5. Optional stiffened dilator versions for penetrating fibrosed or dense tissues

6. 21 gauge needle with optimised bevel geometry for accurate puncture. Offered withand without an echogenic coating for ultrasound visualisation

7. Needle has a square hub for easy manipulation and a bevel direction indicator foreasy positioning

8. User friendly secured loop packaging configuration. Also provides greater protectionfor the products during storage and transport


» Dialyse-Katheter

» Jet-Flow

Jet-Flow High Flow Hämodialyse-Katheter

The Jet Flow Double Lumen High Flow Catheter can be utilized for long term implantation where conventional means of access have been exhausted or are contraindicated. The fully biocompatible polyurethane material conforms well to the vessel anatomy, resulting in higher patient tolerance during extended use. Unlike most polyurethane, this material is solvent resistant, withstanding all major iodine and alcohol based disinfectants.


14.5FR diameter allows HIGH FLOW ACCESS.

Round catheter permits easier insertion and less patient discomfort than oval designs.

Less than 5% recirculation, due to strategically placed arterial return ports.

Priming volume designation for ease of catheter maintenance.

Tear away Jet Peel Cath supplied with sets.

Radiopaque polyurethane material is solvent resistent, withstanding all major idodine and alcohol based disinfectants

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» Free Flow

Jet Free Flow

The 360 degree Flow design of the Free Flow Catheter elimnunates the need for the siede holes, maintains greater catheter patency over time and reduces the to reverse blood lines during treatment.

Features and benefits:

*Soft Tip Stylet (Short Term) Integral soft tip reduces the risk of vessel damage. *Crack Resistant Luers The Ergonomic design ensures greater resistance to cracking or separation. *Implantable Cuff (Long Term) Implantable cuff allows for secure anchoring. *Priming Volume Priming volume designations clearly printed on catheter ID tags for ease of catheter maintenance. *Rotating Suture Wing Rotating suture wing provides secure external anchoring. *PRE-LOADED STYLET Allows standard or modified Seldinger introduction and once removed, renders the venous lumen totally open, unlike tapered tipped catheters. *NO SIDE HOLES Since venous and arterial lumens are totally open, there is no need for side holes to increase efficiency. Side hole fibrin formation, a major factor in catheter thrombus, is eliminated. *STRAIGHT AND PRE CURVED CONFIGURATIONS Free Flow™ Catheters available in straight and pre curved configurations for both long and short term patients. *BACK CURVED CATHETER BODY (Short Term) Permits internal jugular placement supported by the clavicle. This curve helps reduce infection rate, helps eliminate kinking and positions the catheter terminations on the chest wall (unlike traditional “neckline” catheters).

unique Tip Design > Designed for maximum flow rates & efficient clearances.

  • Utilizes proven coaxial, tube within tube, design
  • Reduces arterial insufficiencies
  • No side holes reduces the loss of locking fluid

OPEN TIPS: Unlike standard tapered Seldinger Catheters, the arterial and venous lumens remain open for unobstructed uptake and return. Pressure/flow ratios are maximized for efficient clearances.

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» Duo Jet

Duo Jet St

This unique cathter overcomes several complications normally associated with standard “D” double lumen acute catheters. The fixed, circular tube within a tube allows for 360 degree arterial uptake and reduces the need for reversing blood lines.

Features and benefits:

Anchored, absorbable sutures provide immediate anchorage, through maturation of dacron cuff.

Two Part adaptors with extensions designate venous and arterial ports while offering ease of blood access.

Adjustable cuff design provides firm anchorage with controlled tissue ingrowth.

Two single lumen catheters allow blood flows of 400-450 ml/mn. Two free floating lumens independent of each other in the same vessel help eliminate catheter occlusion by the vein.

Modified Seldinger approach provides easier and less traumatic access than surgical cut down techniques.

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» Jet Cath Kurzzeitdialyse