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We rely on top quality

In the following we have compiled an extract from our product portfolio for you.

For a complete insight, we are at your disposal and look forward to your contact request.

X-Ray Protection
  • unique antibacterial coating inhibits bacterial growth and is liquid-repellent
  • Additional protection through 2-layer lead composite
  • Excellent wearing comfort and fit
  • Integrated RFID chip for easy reading and documentation of X-ray data via a free of charge app
  • Atraumatic tip
  • Automatic self-sizing and self-centering technology because of innovative basket geometry and material
  • The automatic adjustment to the vein diameter ensures cutting the various valves
  • Atraumatic nitinol loop with gold coating for better visualization in the X-rays
  • Pre-formed tip for better navigation
  • Continuous nitinol wire for 1:1 control of the loop
Transseptal needle and sheath
  • Nylon elastic material of sheath ensures good curve within the heart
  • PTEE inner layer of sheath enhances smooth passage of catheter
  • Special plastic injection moulding handle maintains its reliability
  • Stainless steel mesh braided structure provides outstanding guidewire support, superior kink resistance and device handling
  • Tapered and flexible tip for smooth catheter guidance
  • Multi-durometer of polymer tube offers smooth transition and excellent combination of optimal pushability, superior crossability and trackability.
March® Guiding Catheter
  • Polymer material with unique braid design provides excellent kink restistance
  • Radiopaque soft tip ensures atraumatic navigation
  • Optimal Flexibility
CO2mmander® Elite & AngiAssist®
  • Innovative technology for optimal use in Co2-supported imaging
  • Portable system for flexible and comfortable use
  • Optimal control and dosage of the Co2 application by AngiAssist® with depot syringe
Dolphin Inflation Device
  • The T-shape handle allows high torqueing and easy deflation
  • The automatic cam closing system ensures easy handling
  • The pressure gauge indicates pressure up to 30atm and is reliable in any procedures
Flamingo Inflation Device
  • A compact and ergonomic inflation device
  • 30 atm and 90º rotary pressure gauge
  • Progressive resistance while inflating and optimal handling based on ergonomic design